rave7 LCM (Life Cycle Management) Customer Service
So what's the difference between a good Help Desk / Customer Service platform and the Help Desk module of a fully integrated relationship Life Cycle Management solution? 
Glad you asked!
A Good Help Desk / Customer Service platform:
    •   Enables interactive service-related communications between two parties,
        typically a solution or product vendor and their customers
    •   Ensures timely issue resolution and a positive customer experience
    •   Maintains high levels of customer satisfaction and retention
    •   Automates the incident ticketing, escalation and resolution process
    •   Includes a FAQ facility to enable a certain level of self-serve resolution
The rave7™ LCM Suite extends Customer Service to the full Life Cycle:
    •   Includes all of the above Help Desk functions, plus...
    •   Integration with CRM, MCM (multi-channel marketing) and eCommerce
    •   Full Life Cycle Customer Service, including the initial contact relationship
        nurturing and active eCommerce / online shopping phases, and throughout
        your solution / product delivery cycles and the ongoing use of your
        products and services.  
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