The Flexibility of a Truly Integrated Communications Platform

·         Create and execute one-off or multi-touch campaigns using a single channel or concurrently over multiple channels

·         Flexible campaign scheduling:  single campaigns, or multiple pre-scheduled or trigger-driven campaigns

·         Automated campaign follow-up:  generate automatic follow-up communications for non-responders with a different message or offer

·         All communication / campaign responses can be automatically recorded as preferences in recipients’ CRM records, to fine-tune future campaign strategies.


·         Build your own email template or choose a template from our library

·         Include any number of variable data or image fields to ensure relevance

·         Provide a selection of response alternatives: telephone, return email, links to web sites or a pURL landing page (see below), link to a rave7™-hosted eCommerce site


pURL (personalized URL, or web page)

·         rave7™ automatically generates a URL (web page address) personalized to the recipient and includes it in the email;

·         When the recipient clicks on this pURL, they go to a “landing page” personalized with their name, with a welcome specifically for them

·         The landing page message is compatible with the originating email message with calls to action to encourage the recipient to respond in some way; simple contact information form on the page to complete, link to a video or an external web site, request a download or follow-up call etc.

·         rave7™ tracks the recipient’s click path from the email to the pURL landing page, as well as any action taken on the landing page.  This tracking information is recorded and reported individually and in aggregate by the integrated Analytics engine, to measure campaign performance.

·         rave7™ can automatically generate email responses to recipients who click on the pURL page, complete an on-page form or click through to an external site, as well as automatically generating email notifications to campaign Administrators of all actions taken

·         rave7™ can also automatically generate follow-up email messages to recipients, triggered either by date (e.g. 10 days following the original email for non-responders) or by event (e.g. thank you or additional offer for those who clicked on the pURL but went no further) 


·         Personalized print campaigns can be generated where print is a more effective channel than email, where email addresses are not available, or where contact profiles indicate a preference for print

·         pURL addresses are digitally printed on the mailer and recipients manually index them into a browser to access the pURL landing page.  From this point on the process is identical to an email campaign.


Interactive Web Communications

·         Use rave7™ to create, issue and manage online communications like e-newsletters, blogs, message boards etc.

·         Embed links to internal or external websites, rave7™ CMS libraries for downloads, eCommerce sites etc.

·         Automatic tracking of responses


Social Media

·         Campaigns can be generated by social media users responding to campaigns on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn etc., or by providing social media links in rave7™ campaigns emails and pURL landing pages

·         Social media responses are recorded in campaign statistics and the recipients’ CRM records, along with responses from other channels, to enable preference fine-tuning for future campaigns and communications



More Than Just Marketing!

·         Use the integrated email, web, pURL, print and social media capabilities and the CRM contact database to generate qualified new leads through highly targeted personalized communications and automated response management

·         Nurture prospect relationships through a series of strategically planned communications, calls to action and offers that lead to engagement and an ongoing business relationship



·         Maintain ongoing contact and build loyalty with engaged customers through scheduled emails, newsletters, blogs, surveys, offers, loyalty incentives, etc.

·         Leverage the rave7™ Help Desk to ensure best-in-class customer experience and fast response to incidents:  drive customer satisfaction and retention


         Remote Sales Teams, Agencies, Partners

·         Maintain close online contact with physically remote teams

·         Communicate special offers and launch products / services

·         Provide online resources such as document templates, manuals, videos and marketing collateral through the rave7™ CMS 

·         Support local marketing campaigns through the centrally managed rave7™ CRM and branded digital assets

·         Create, manage and update a central website using rave7™ CMS, with easy-to-create and manage subsidiary agent / partner web pages; protect integrity of strategic branded elements but enable pre-defined personalization capability



·         Manage vendor profiles and capabilities

·         Maintain close communications with key strategic vendors

·         Track vendor performance


        User Communities, Associations

·         Create and manage forums, sources of online help or resources, downloadable reference material etc.
·         Links with Social Media platforms
·         Manage membership lists, renewals, donations
·         Plan and manage events and training, including online registrations, payment and pre-event communications