Life Cycle Communications: The rave7™ Difference 
Let's cut to the chase ... you've done - or are in the process of doing - your homework on Communications and Marketing Automation solutions and the last thing you need is another software vendor claiming to be the best on the planet.  So we will just provide a few facts about Communications vs. full Life Cycle Management Communications and see if you will say this yourself on our behalf about The rave7 LCM Suite.
LCM:  Life Cycle Management Communications     

•   Integrated multi-channel communications: email, pURL, print, web and social media

•   Single suite to manage communications throughout the business relationship Life
    Cycle: initial contact, relationship nurturing, ongoing interactive dialogue and resource
    sharing, active eCommerce transactions and downloads, and engaged customer
    support and retention 
•   Dynamic contact manager: database-driven communication personalization
•   Full integration with robust CRM, Digital Storefront, CMS (content management) and
    Help Desk modules
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