Create and Manage Full Life Cycle Communications

·         Prospecting and promotional emails

·         Web pages, micro-sites, portals, pURL landing pages

·         Customer satisfaction and opinion surveys and questionnaires

·         News releases, with an integrated news database

·         eNewsletters and blogs

·         Online forms, using the CMS form designer: contact, info request, registration forms etc. can be created and instantly added to any web page

·         Create auto-responders for any on-page action such as form completion, click-throughs etc.


eCommerce: Upload and Manage Online Catalog Products

·         Upload and manage digital assets: product images, descriptions

·         Dynamically provide product details and images to online shopping carts


Digital Asset Management

·         Securely manage access to and use of brand assets (logos etc.): protect brand integrity

·         Update a single graphical asset, automatically update all documents and collateral that include that particular asset

·         Manage and electronically distribute documentation, manuals, marketing collateral

·         Dynamically distribute images and other content for variable personalization of promotional communications (emails, pURL pages, printed mailers, blogs)

        ·         Provide technical documentation and SLA performance parameters to Help Desk

Customer Service / Help Desk

·         Manage customer Service Level Agreements (SLAs), instantly available to customer support staff
·        Make FAQ, support, process, contact and product documentation insatnatly available to authorized users; manage availability through customer Admin definable access permission levels
·        Automate customer service request responses wherever practical using CMS-controlled communication templates