The rave7™ CMS Difference
How is the rave7 LCM Suite's Content Management better than everyone else's?
To put it very bluntly, it probably isn't ... purely as a standalone CMS solution, that is.  rave7 CMS offers the same web page and email template creation and management capabilities as the better CMS platforms.  It delivers the same email, e-newsletter and blog management flexibility as the others.  It also provides the same "do-it-yourself" convenience and flexibility in updating and maintaining your web pages, email templates etc. as other leading solutions.
So what's the big deal?
The big deal that sets the rave7 Life Cycle Management (LCM) Suite's CMS platform apart from the others is just that - it is an integrated component of a much broader suite of solutions that drives a unique set of business benefits and offers you a uniquely powerful value proposition. 
While the rave7 CMS can be used as a standalone toolset, its benefit and value lie in the role it plays in driving and supporting a range of rave7 business application solutions that are critical in effectively managing the complete Life Cycle of your strategic business relationships - prospects and customers, members, business partners, agents, suppliers and any other key stakeholder community. 
The key to rave7 CMS's business value is in its integration within a suite of other equally robust LCM modules:  CRM, MCM (multi-channel marketing), eCommerce / digital storefront, and customer support / Help Desk.
Now that's a big deal! 
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