Content Creation and Maintenance

·         Create content with no traditional programming

·         Import templates, existing HTML graphics, functional plug-ins from an extensive rave7™ library

·         WYSIWYG WORD-like rich text editor to create content and edit web pages
·         Import images from your hard drive into the integrated Digital Asset Manager (DAM)

·         Easily upload images for any web page, email, newsletter, blog etc. from the DAM

·         Import rich content (e.g. images, flash) into any page
·         Unique editing tool enables you to modify text within a template 

·         Reuse content: create a page once and use it in other locations

·         Add any number of sub-pages to any page – even sub-pages to the sub-pages!

·         Links between pages and sub-pages can be changed at any time by assigning a new “parent” link
·         Easily change page sequences using drag & drop in the Admin interface

·         Web page titles and descriptions are indexed to simplify page management and linking 

·         Full content search for all publicly accessible web pages
·        Create on-page forms to allow users to directly update their own CRM data
·     Easily create multiple skins for the web pages or communications to keep them fresh 
·         Page caching to optimize the retrieval of web pages from the digital asset manager

Content Access Management
·         Full customer-defined access permission control; Admin-level permission required to modify content
·         Create pages with "Members only" access: user name and password control

·         Hierarchical content tree structure with unlimited branches and content security: access permission can be granted per the hierarchy; e.g. access can be managed down to a specific page and its sub-pages

·         Access can be managed by user category for any page or section of the web site; e.g. customers, agents, partners, vendors, resellers

·         Work in process / staged pages: add or modify pages without making them public; promote to live site when they are ready

·         Version control: history of the last 5 versions of every page – regular users can only see the current page but users with Admin status can validate or switch to any version at any time, or revert to a previous version