Quick & Easy Functionality For Your Web Pages and Online Forms
 When you create a new web page or online form using rave7™ CMS, you can add functionality by either creating HTML content or by simply adding a plugin from the rave7™ CMS library to the page.

For example, if you want to create a page that allows the user access to the Knowledge Base, simply select the "Knowledge Base" plugin:

This automatically places click-through access the Knowledge Base on the page at the point where you positioned your cursor. Any HTML you add to the editor window will also be included on the page.

Here are some examples of functional plugins available to quickly add power to your pages and forms:
    •    Knowledge base
    •    Quick search
    •    Content search 
    •    FAQ's
    •    Article or product details
    •    Knowledge base downloads
    •    Software downloads
    •    Shopping cart, complete with checkout to Paypal or leading payment processors
    •    Searchable list of products for the shopping cart
    •    Member / user history overview
    •    Logout
    •    Home page header
    •    Sub page header
    •    Blog
    •    Internal page or external site links
    •    Social media links
    •    On-page graph
    •    Survey
    •    Contact us
    •    Contact info form
    •    ...and many more

Forms that you create yourself using the integrated rave7™ CMS Form Designer can be added to pages in the same way; e.g.:
    •    Update customer account information; users with proper CRM-based authentication
          can update their own data from any rave7™ application - the user data input form
          auto-populates the current data from the CRM
    •    Submit a service request
    •    Update a service request
    •    Subscribe to a news letter
    •    Complete a survey