Localization / Multilingual Support
rave7™ has a language module that allows you to use the system in virtually any language you want. The system comes with French and Spanish, an you can subsequently add new languages into the system.

System Security

rave7™ has over 80 security options that you can grant/remove from a user that covers just about everything there is as a user users the system. Access to modules, deletion of records, managing passwords, adding new customers, access to reports etc.

Support Email Management

rave7™ can manage any number of "[email protected]" support email addresses.
When a customer sends an email to your support address, rave7™ will:
    •    Send an automated customizable response back to the sender that includes their
          case number
    •    Scan the Knowledge Base to see if there are any suitable articles, and send them
          with the automated response
    •    Create a case in the system, marking it as registered or unregistered depending on
          if the senders email address is in your customer database
    •    When you open the case in the help desk, all the customer information will be filled in
          if the senders email is in your customer database

Case Alerts

So what happens when a case has been opened for a certain amount of time with no activity? Of when a priority 1 case has not been responded to hours. The Prop Web Case Rule Generator will kick in and:
    •    Notify the owner of the status of the case
    •    Or notify any other persona of the status of the case

    •    Or re-assign the case to another technician

Workflow Management

The workflow feature allows you to automatically transfer a case from one user to another allowing you to effectively manage various procedures. The workflow can include any number of users. If a case belongs to a workflow, once a user closes it,  rave7™ will forward it to the next user in the workflow as an open case. This will continue until the last user in the workflow is reached.