rave7 Help Desk
The ability to maintain timely two-way dialog with customers and other key stakeholders is critical throughout the Life Cycle of any business relationship in order to ensure consistently high service levels, customer satisfaction and retention. 
Most good Help Desk solutions provide this during the ongoing product / service use phase of a relationship Life Cycle.
But what ties together the data, communications and activities generated during the ongoing service / Help Desk phase of a relationship with those from other phases like CRM, MCM (multi-channel marketing) and eCommerce?  What integrates your service, issue resolution, marketing and transactional support processes into a single seamless process, ensuring that full Life Cycle Customer Service is a competitive advantage for you and that your customer service levels and satisfaction ratings are the benchmarks of your marketplace?  
rave7™ includes all of the above tools and enables you to build and maintain relationships with key stakeholders throughout all phases of your relationship with them, from initial contact initiation, relationship nurturing and online commerce right through the ongoing long term use of your products and services - the critical support and retention phase that most CRM, Marketing and eCommerce platforms don't address.
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Install rave7™ On Your Server

If you would prefer to have the rave7™ Help Desk software licensed for installation on your own server rather than using the hosted SaaS version, please email us at  or call 1-888-205-6032.  We will contact you and arrange a time to set up your license and download the software for you.  There are several components to a download implementation, which will take about 30 minutes:

    •    Your database, either MS-Access or another SQL database

    •    The rave7™ software

Whether you choose the hosted SaaS rave7™ version or the licensed download version, the same great technical support is provided and the same annual maintenance / upgrade agreement applies to ensure that you always have the latest updates and newest features.