rave7 Communications - The rave7 Way! 
Doesn't it make sense to be able to seamlessly manage marketing communications and contact relationships throughout the complete Life Cycle of a business relationship rather than just parts of it?
    •   prospecting, relationship building, marketing, selling, supporting, retaining
    •   browsing, shopping, ordering, downloading, blogging, social networking
    •   recruiting, informing, training, updating
rave7™ Email Marketing and Communications gives you this control.
Regardless of where your focus is at any given point during your relationship with customers, prospects, employees, business partners, members, donors, investors, suppliers or any other key stakeholder, rave7™  is the integrated solution that will automate and manage your communications, transactions and service delivery.  
    •   email marketing with unlimited CRM-driven personalized data capability 
    •   pURL marketing, with automated pURL address and landing page creation
    •   dynamic pURL landing pages with CRM-driven personalized data capability
    •   integration with e-newsletters, blogs, social media
    •   dozens of easy-to-import functional plug-ins for pURL landing pages, e-newsletters, blogs etc.
    •   powerful integrated campaign analytics
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