The rave7 report wizard allows you to easily create reports, and graphs from any database in the system. Once you create a new report, you are displayed with a list of fields with plain English descriptions to add to your report:

From there you simply add the desired fields from the available fields list to the selected fields list.

Next, you can select fields to sort the report by, or create a dynamic filter to add to the report. A filter, and directly select data, or prompt you to enter a search string for any field. Filters are "create once, use many". You can assign any filter to any report, and a report can have any number of filters.

This functionality allows you to create not only reports, but complete modules that allow you to view, and search call log data in any way imaginable!

The following is a "Find A Request" form created in just a few minutes:

The actual filters can be listed or a select box, or you can place them to the left side of the report with link.

You can integrate the reports and forms you create using the Help Desk link editor or the Main Menu link editor so you can place links to the reports into rave7™ at the desired location. Reports and other forms can also be created that filter cases for end-users. You can create graphs and add images and other formatting to the report columns.